Tuesday, December 13, 2011

McDonald's Spicy Chicken McBites

Is McDonald's looking to abandon their infamous chicken McNuggets? It seems like they are at least trying something new with their recent launch of Chicken McBites. These are very reminiscent of KFC and their Popcorn Chicken. They are just all white meat breaded bites of chicken. You have probably had something like these before and know what to expect. Little chicken and lots of breading. Well I recently learned through grubgrade that they are testing a spicy version at the McDonald's next to my house. Anytime there is a test item I have to go try it, if only for the reason there is a large chance it will never be seen again.

I just got a "snack" order for $1.99. it was a pretty good portion for two bucks. I would rather of had two McDoubles but it is still way cheaper then what the freaking McNuggets cost. As I mentioned, there is little surprise here. They are your typical "popcorn" chicken. Lots of breading and little bits of chicken. I will say they did a good job with it though. The "spicy" came from the breading which was a lot like the spicy McChicken breading. I thought they were going to be saucy but I guess McDonalds wants an excuse to flaunt its sauces. The chicken itself was always juicy and never dried out which happens a lot with popcorn chicken. There were not as many tiny pieces as I expected either, which was a nice surprise. 

Rating: 3/5 "It's Just Meh"

I wouldn't call them bad. They provide a nice little 'real chicken' substitute to the McNugget. Are these things going to replace the McNugget? HELL NO. Anyways check em out if you get a chance, they are worth a peek. Also props for giving me a place to put my sauce.

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