Sunday, June 5, 2011

Review: McDonalds McNugget Dipping Sauces

I do not know what it is about McNuggets but I love them. There is something different about them from all the other nuggets out there. I know they are horrible for you and not real chicken and what not but I don't really care. Between the familiar shapes they come in or the almost sweet breading that surrounds them, I always have enjoyed McNuggets. Unfortunately McDonalds knows I, and many more, feel this way so they charge a small fortune to get them. When I saw McDonalds was offering 20 for $5 AND added 4 new sauces, I decided use this as an excuse to get some. Then I realized it was a good time to do a quick little review on ALL of the dipping sauces at McDonalds.

There are a grand total of eight sauces. Flavors include :Spicy Buffalo, Sweet Chili, Honey Mustard, Creamy Ranch, Sweet and Sour, Tangy BBQ, Hot Mustard, and Chipotle BBQ. The first four are the "new" sauces.

Spicy Buffalo: Had good buffalo sauce flavor. Looked to creamy but had great smoothness to it while still having plenty of kick. The problem is it does not go very well with the sweetness from the McNuggets. This sauce would be awesome on a Hot N Spicy though.

Sweet Chili: This sauce was introduced a little over a year ago around the Winter Olympics. When it came out, I loved it. They have not changed it which is good news. It reminds me a lot of an asian flavor.   Imagine the Sweet and Sour sauce but with a kick of spice. It goes soo well with the nuggets as well. I think the only problem is the seeds in the sauce tend to sink to the bottom which makes the last few dips extra hot.

Honey Mustard: This is nothing special, your typical Honey Mustard flavor. the sauce itself is filled with mustard seeds which made it difficult for dipping. The sauce did not stick to the nuggets very well.

Creamy Ranch: This one confused me.... did they not already have ranch? It is actually a great ranch dipping sauce. Almost a buttermilk ranch but not quite that strong.

Sweet and Sour: This is the archetype of McNuggets dipping sauces. It is a sweet sauce that has the perfect amount of almost honey flavor while still have a good acidy flavor. It goes PERFECTLY with the McNuggets sweet flavor and is still one of the best sauces ever. It goes well on fries too.

Tangy BBQ: has a typical smokey BBQ flavor, nothing special or exciting really.

Hot Mustard: Has a great consistency, nice and smooth. Has a sweet mustard flavor at first but a spicy kick comes in toward the end.

Chipotle BBQ- Almost too similar to the Tangy BBQ. The spicy Chipotle flavor does not come in until the after taste really and has a way too thick consistency.

Anyways here is how I rate the sauces in order, from best to worst. A bit of a different rating system but still works.

1. Sweet Chili
2. Sweet and Sour
3. Hot Mustard
4. Creamy Ranch
5. Chipotle BBQ
6. Spicy Buffalo
7. Honey Mustard
8. Tangy BBQ

Which sauce do y'all love? Let me know!

Oh and sorry for the such a long break.


  1. Honey. Period. Awesome for dipping fries too.

  2. Sweet Chili Fo' Sho. I'm so happy they made it a permanent sauce. But Hot Mustard? Is that still around?

    1. I know this is old as fuck, but hot mustard is definitely the best dipping sauce they have.
      Seriously, try it. It's delicious.

  3. Loved hot mustard. They discontinued it though. :(

  4. chipotle barbecue was the best! the tangy thing is like ketchup....What a shame to get rid of of the better taste for anything, like nuggets and my own ham an cheddar cheese....they like the taste of chipoltle barbecue

  5. No you bad. Chipotle Best!