Sunday, September 23, 2012

Product Review of Dollar Shave Club


I figured to mark my return back to my random reviews, I would give you guys something a little different. That means this week I will give y'all 'the scoop' on Dollar Shave Club and if it is really worth it or just a big money-eating-Enron-inspired-tebowing sham.

Some of you may know of Dollar Shave Club already through their viral video or through friends. For those that don't, watch the video below to get filled in by their creator/CEO (and get a good laugh too).

If that video is not marketing genius, I do not know what is. It is aimed right at its core customer, young male professionals who are trying to save some cash. Needless to say I was sold. I waited a few months until I had a permanent address and a job that required me to be groomed daily, then I bit the bullet and signed up. 

When you go to the website to sign up you have three options. The 'Humble Twin' (the double blade razor), the '4X' (four blades and a moisturizing strip), and the 'Executive' (a boatload of blades, moisturizing strip, and a trimming blade on the front). The prices are all reasonable. The basic blade is only a dollar a month (hence the name of the company) but does not include shipping, unlike the more expensive options. At the end of the day it will cost you between $4-$9 a month depending on your choice. 

I chose the '4X', a safe middle ground bet. The package came in the mail a few weeks later with a pack of four cartridges, the handle of the razor, and a funny little letter saying thanks for signing up. You get one handle, which can be replaced by request on the website. The cartridges come every month. The blades themselves are great. I have been shaving with the fancy Gillette Quatro up to this point and honestly I can't tell a difference. Very smooth, close shaves with razors that easily can last me two weeks. 

That actually leads me to my two complaints. 

The first is that the cartridges are so big that it can be hard to get those whiskers by your nose. I don't know about you but I don't want a mini mustache hanging right next to my nostrils. 

The second complaint goes back to the fact the blades last me two weeks. I was simply not using four cartridges a month. I hadn't even gotten through one cartridge before my second pack came in. 

Thankfully the guys at DSC are on top of it and sent a letter with the second pack that solved my problem. 

It looks like I was not the only one with this complaint and they listened to their customers. That's a great sign. They now offer an option for 'baby faces' to get blades every other month, which is perfect for me. I switched to that plan this morning. Genius! 

Rating: 5/5 "It's The Bee's Knees!"

I highly support Dollar Shave Club. They keep my face silky and smooth and my wallet fat and happy. If that is not a way to a mans heart, I don't know what is. 

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