Monday, July 18, 2011

Horrible Bosses Review

Guess who's back!!?! For good this time hopefully. I once again am sorry for the month of very few updates. It was a crazy month, I was caught up in my internship. That is pretty much over now though so I can relax and catch up. I thought I would revive myself with a review of one of my favorite comedies I have seen in a LONG time, Horrible Bosses. 

Horrible Bosses
The movie centers around three close friends, who all have horrible bosses (who woulda guessed). Each of these three characters have different views on their jobs and each of their bosses are ass-wholes for different reasons. Jason Bateman's character is part of the corporate world and has been working for an insane dictator of a boss for years in order to move up the ladder. He has not gone anywhere on this ladder for a while. Jason Sudeikis plays a guy who works at a chemical company who LOVES his job and his boss. He and his boss are the best of friends and have an almost father-son relationship. That is until his boss's son starts running the show. Colin Farrell does a FANTASTIC job playing a coked out lunatic who is so self centered he is willing to drive his fathers company into the ground for some drugs. Finally you have Charlie Day's character, who is an innocent and sweet guy. He is a dental assistant who loves his fiancĂ©e beyond anything in the entire world. Unfortunately for him, his boss (played by a very hot Jennifer Aniston) is a sex crazed freak who will not give up on having sex with Day's character. 

The movie unravels and eventually all of these characters decide they want to kill their bosses. This whole sequence of events plays out to be absolutely hilarious. I do not recall a scene in this movie where I did not have at least a slight chuckle going on. The chemistry between the three main roles is perfect. I have heard people compare them to modern day three stooges and I definitely could see that. They are all bumbling idiots who have no idea what they are doing but that is what makes it so damn funny. Their bosses all do a great job of being hatable but in such an absurd way that makes it stay humorous. The movie just mixed a great story with really funny characters to create a very entertaining movie. They make things you have seen in other comedies much more humorous (like dropping a LARGE amount of cocaine in someone's face). When the ending comes, it never feels like it was forced to happen or that is was abrupt. It felt very natural.

I do have a few gripes about this movie though. For starters, there was not enough Colin Farrell. He his priceless but only has a few scenes. It might have made him seem too over-the-top if they showed more of him though so it might be for the best. Jennifer Aniston's character also kind of disappears in the middle of the film but it does not ruin the story. I did not really even notice until the end. 

Rating 4/5 "It's Just Swell"

For a summer comedy it did a great job of being consistently funny throughout the whole film. A few high point include Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Aniston being half naked, and some great quotable lines (Gimme that dong Dale, I'd like to bend her over a barrel and show her the fifty states). If you want something a little lighter after seeing Harry Potter then definitely go check this one out. 

Tell next time folks! (it wont be a month, I promise)

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