Sunday, October 14, 2012

Review: Jack in the Box Mini Corn Dogs

I was watching college football this weekend, like every red-blooded American. I of course had to watch some of the infamous Texas Vs. OU game in Dallas, one of the most rivaled games in history. Unfortunately, this year the game sucked hard... well Texas sucked hard. That meant I was much more focused on the fried food of the Texas State Fair, also an infamous tradition. Except this tradition is in a very different but an equally American sport. eating fried food. After all that fried food I got a craving for some myself. Easiest way to fix a craving? Go eat.

What is more of a fair food than Corn Dogs? Absolutely nothing that's what! So I decided this was a perfect time for me to try the Jack In The Box Mini Corn Dogs. This fat man made a great choice.

For less than $1.50 you get five mini corn dogs, about two inches in length. These things were fried nearly perfect. The outside was crisp and slightly greasy, but not bleed-thru-the-bag wet. The inside of the batter was moist and soft, as it should be in a good corn dog. Big Juicy wieners were hidden in the middle of these nuggets that were nothing amazing, but still not gross. Where they really got it right is in the ratios. Perfect sweet to salty and batter to dog balance is what makes a good corn dog and these are spot on.

Rating: 4/5 "It's Just Swell"

I would get these again anytime I was craving a corn dog and this was a perfect way to fix that craving without having to go all the way to the mall or State Fair.

Until next time children

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