Thursday, October 18, 2012

Review: Houston Food Truck Bernie's Burger Bus

Another food truck review for all of you! 

This time, one of Houstons most prized and respected food trucks, Bernie's Burger Bus. This little food truck has been awarded Houston's best burger by many, and I am talking best burger PERIOD, not just for food trucks. That is pretty high praise for Houston, which is known for having some great freaking burgers. I caught the bus over at Little Woodrows in the Heights on a Friday night. How did it stack up against my high expectations?

What I got: The Substitute - "Burger topped with a bleu cheese , thick sliced crispy bacon, burgundy laced mushrooms and Bernie’s Tipsy caramelized onions" (

Oh My God I think I am in love all over. I have been complaining how I have yet to find a burger in Houston that could beat what I consider one of the best burgers out there, Dutch's Bleu Cheese Burger. Well I think I might have found a new contender. This burger was FREAKING GOOD.

Let us start with the bun. Every man knows how important a nice set of buns are. These buns... they are tasty. They are pillow-soft and yet strong enough to do the job of holding in all the juices and goodies on this burger. Now the burger, oh what can I say. It was an almost perfect tasting burger. The meat is thick enough to give it substance, but not to the point you can't take a whole bite. My burger was cooked spot on as well. The mushrooms and onions were packed with flavor and were jammed in this thing. The bacon was thick cut and flavored really well on its own, so it added a ton of great smokiness. Now let's talk about the Bleu Cheese. HOLY COW. It is OOZING out of this burger in a good way. There is a ton of bleu cheese on this guy, and it is melted to perfection. It gets into every nook, cranny, and bite. I am salivating just thinking about it.

Review- 5/5 "It's The Bee's Knees!"

I feel bad using the term food truck when describing this place but that's what it is. The burger is just so much better than anything I can even imagine in an automobile, so cooking this in it is amazing. These guys are very active and have three different trucks around, so do yourself a favor and go try them NOW. Seriously. I cannot wait to see this guy again. I am stopping when I pass this truck, even if I just ate. Check out Bernie's Burger Bus on Twitter @Berniesburgers.

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