Thursday, November 1, 2012

Music Review: House of Heroes - Cold Hard Want

You know that feeling you get when you have something really awesome, you love it, and you want to share it with the world. Then the frustration of trying to share it with everyone and no one seeming to care. That feeling really sucks.

That's how I feel about one of my all-time favorite bands House of Heroes. A true hidden gem in the modern music scene. They create catchy modern rock tunes with with meaning. 

Review: House of Heroes - Cold Hard Want

This is a band that has yet to release a BAD record and released their fifth record this summer, 'Cold Hard Want'. With each record they release, I am convinced it is a good enough record to help the band reach the status of mainstream. Strangely enough, that has yet to happen. I felt the same way about Cold Hard Want, but it has yet to strike a chord with my local radio station yet so I will just have to keep jamming out on my own.

This record combines the classic House of Heroes style of catchy, quick rock sound of their previous records but adds the maturity of a band that truly found their sound and style. The record begins with "Out My Way" which reminds me of a classic Queen arena-rock song. It picks up with "Dance (Blow It All Away)", a perfect dance-rock sound reminding me of something OK-GOish. It continues on with some great tunes that have influences ranging from Tom Petty to The Beatles. Some other highlights include "Stay", the catchiest song on the record by far, "The Cop" a slow but heartfelt story driven tune, and an instant classic "Touch This Light". This record shows a band that has more talent that they know what to do with. With Tim Skippers beautiful, striking vocals to Colin Rigsby's fast-tempo drumming, there is not bad moment. 

Rating: 5/5 - "It's The Bee's Knees!"

This is easily one of the best records of the year, if not the decade. I cannot express how highly I view this band. Especially considering how people have given them a chance. Oh well, looks like I will have to keep raving about them to myself.

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