Monday, November 12, 2012

Review: Taco Bell XXL Nachos

Good old Taco Bell is officially back!

After almost a year with no new trashy-Taco-Bell releases and the introduction of their 'upscale' Cantina Menu, the Bell is back to its glutinous-piled-high-garbage-filled glory with the release of the newest member of the XXL line - the XXL Nachos.

That is one hell of an entrance.

Taco Bell released the XXL Steak Nachos, a mountain of cheese, cheese, steak, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, and pico de gallo. It actually doesn't sound to bad either does it?

I have to warn, the Volcano Nachos are my absolute Taco Bell Staple. I am addicted to them, so it was hard for me to justify passing up those to try this, or just making these GIANT Volcano Nachos. The things I do for you people.....

They made a whole new container just to put these in. It shows right off the bat how obscenely large these nachos are. I can eat A LOT of Taco Bell, but even for me this thing was pretty filling. Was it any good? Yeah, it was actually. Their normally rubbery steak actually went really well with the crunchiness of the chips. The weird flavor of the steak was almost complimented by the amounts of melted cheese. I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked the steak on Taco Bell Nachos. The sour cream, pico, and guacamole also made sure there was not a chip left untouched. That being said I kind of wish my chips were not touched by the guacamole because that stuff is nasty. It is beyond processed and ruined the section of chips it hit. I got lucky and they dropped some beans in mine too but I am positive they are not supposed to be there. My advice, ask for them. They add a lot and help keep things together. I also wish they sprayed on at least one of their many sauces to give these a bit more .... pizzaz? They just got boring after a while and with so many sauces (like volcano) why not? Seems like a wasted opportunity.

Rating 4/5- "It's Pretty Good"

They could be better but they are still pretty tasty. For $6, it is a steak-filled meal that will make any Taco Bell fatty a happy camper. I am just glad to see Taco Bell return to form and start pumping out what they do best, boat loads of shitty food.

Taco Bell Dessert Reviews to follow soon. I am off to go try and sleep of my Taco Bell Hangover.

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