Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Review: Double Dutch Style!

I am going to review two burgers from Dutch's today for you all so enjoy!

Hickory BBQ Bacon
Round 1: Hickory BBQ & Bacon

This burger is as simple as it sounds. It is hickory BBQ sauce, bacon, american cheese, and thousand island dressing. I got mine with lettuce and tomato because I like veggies on my burger. It makes me feel like I am eating healthier. Anyways I am a pretty big fan of BBQ sauce on burgers, but for some reason I do not really love this burger. As with every Dutch's burger, the burger and bun are both top of the line. The bacon is crispy and thick and the american cheese adds some notable richness. The problem with this burger is the sauces. The combo between the sweetness of the Thousand Island and the Hickory BBQ is too much. It is like trying to combine the Ying and the Ying. There is too much sweetness and tanginess with nothing to balance it out. Also it is just the sauce and meat, so the burger is a bit too boring. I have added fries to this before and that does a lot to help it. If they popped an onion ring on this thing it would definitely go up on my rating. Anyways if you love BBQ sauce you might like it. Plenty of my friends think this is the best one but for me it is just too sweet.

Rating 3/5 "It's Just Meh"

Second Burger: The Texana

The second burger reviewed here today is the Texana. It is avocado, shredded lettuce, tomato, pickle, and ranch dressing. So the staples here are all fantastic as expected from Dutch's. The thing that separates this from the others is actually the lightness of it. As far as the burgers go it is definitely the least heavy with maybe the exception of the original Dutch (which I will be reviewing soon). The avocado is noticeable and adds some great creaminess to it. If you get the burger and think there is no avocado, check the top bun, it is typically hidden under the lettuce. The ranch adds some good flavor as well. I am actually not a huge fan of the ranch at Dutch's because it is so watery but on this burger that plays to its advantage. It adds flavor while keeping it light. I will warn it is a messy burger. The avocado and ranch seem to drip everywhere so have napkins ready. Between the creaminess of the avocado and ranch and the sourness from the pickles, the flavors here blend really well. Definitely worth getting multiple times.

Rating 4/5 "It's Just Swell"

That is all for today folks. Should have a new Taco Bell review up this weekend. Word on the street is they are releasing a new item Thursday!

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