Sunday, April 10, 2011

Review: x2!! The Source Code and Your Highness

A treat in store for you people! Two movie reviews for the price of one! I saw two movies this weekend. One was awesome and I recommend, the other.... not so much. Can you guess which one is which?! Time to find out!

The Source Code

I will admit, I see movies for the sole reason of me liking the actors involved. The Source Code was one of those movies. Ever sense October Sky I have enjoyed Jake Gyllenhaal. He just always struck me as a laid back, casual kinda guy. After the disaster action movie that was Prince of Persia I was wondering how he would take this action movie. Well, he did a great job. He is easily the best part about this movie. He goes from being confused, to angry, to confused, to clever within minuets. There was not one point in the movie were I questioned his characters intentions and believability and that is critical to this film. 

There is lots to like here besides Jake though. The story is awesome. It drops you right in leaving you confused for the first bit and letting you put the pieces together while helping you along the way. Right when you think you have it figured out, something changes and you go back to guessing. My butt was on the edge of my seat the whole movie. I was worried at first that the whole going-back-eight-minuets-over-and-over-again thing was going to get old but thankfully they stop it right before it does. There are also some clever set pieces and some good dialogue. Unfortunately some acting from the minor characters who share this dialogue is pretty bad and the special effects are uneven as well. Some scenes like the explosions are great while others, like Jake jumping from the train, are horrible. 

Rating 4/5 "It's Just Swell"

I enjoyed it and would gladly see it again. It makes a great date movie for anyone who wants one. It has the action for the males and there is a romance swept in for the girls. Not to mention Jake is so dreamy.

Your Highness

Dumbest movie ever. That could be my whole review because this is the dumbest movie I have ever seen. Goodburger looks like Shindler's List compared to this. The story is your typical Knights Tale.... kind of. The story is not good, I will say that. The weed references as well are so forced and unrelated to the story it's sad. They are really milking the success of Pineapple Express. What made that movie funny though was it was a drug war action movie, which just happened to star two potheads. This movie is just a horrible knight who likes to smoke now and again. 

Now do not let my ranting make you think this movie was complete garbage (it was close). Danny Mcbride has some random one liners which are funny, but only because they stick out so much in the stories dialogue. They will be talking in old english then Mcbride's character will just say something like "F$*% that". Shock laughs but laughs nonetheless. James Franco is also funny only because he plays his character so serious the whole movie, seeming oblivious. Oh and there is a great shot of Natalie Portman's butt too, which explains why she has been trending on Yahoo Search all weekend. 

I was sad to see Damian Lewis, who most will know as Winters (the ginger) from Band of Brothers, in here as well. I have always liked this guy's acting and I am sad to see he had to stoop so low for a role. He needs to be noticed. 

Rating 2/5 -"It's Not Worth It"

Cannot recommend it. If you like your comedies really dumb you might like it.... maybe. I woudl just wait tell your stoner friend buys it because its about weed and borrow his copy. 

Hope I steer y'all in the right direction! Has anyone seen Hanna yet? I wanna see that really bad. 

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