Saturday, October 29, 2011

Review: McDonald's McRib

THE MCRIB IS BACK!! Everyone run to McDonalds! 

Nah, I would rather just hang out at home and dip a piece of rubber in BBQ sauce. It is cheaper and tastes the same. The McRib is crap. Strait up. I have had it three times in my life now, and I honestly hope to never have it again. I would rather eat a salad and apple slices from McDonalds. 

The over-hyped sandwich is essentially just a slab of rib-shaped molded pork drenched in BBQ sauce, with onions and pickles on a toasted bun. How bad could it be right? Eh, pretty bad. The meat itself is creepy looking. It is clearly molded to look like ribs, but there are no bones. It is like a giant pork McNugget that is not deep fried. The BBQ sauce is way too sugary and lacks any sort of spice. The pickles were small, dry, and salty. That works great on a Big Mac but for this it just makes the sauce taste more acidy. The onions were crisp and plentiful, but the flavor was overrun by the crap sauce. Props to McDonalds for the toasted bun though. If they made a fish sandwich with this bun I think that would be worth checking out.

Rating: 1/5- "It's Flippin Horrendous"

This thing is way overhyped and taste like garbage. If you want BBQ just make your own or by it from your local grocery. If you think I am crazy and you love McRibs...... I am sorry. I feel bad for your soul.

Hope everyone has a great Halloween!

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  1. They actually DO have the McRib as a resident burger here in Germany. And I simply can't see why anbody would buy that anymore for 5$. The last lacking ingredient to make it at home was the sauce, and that hit the market also many years ago.