Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Review: Monster Cereals (Count Chocula, Franken Berry, and Boo Berry)

When your a kid, you judge your favorite breakfast cereal by what's on the cover of the box. I remember I used to HATE Cookie Crisp, but I would always get it because when my friends came over they would be so jealous I was eating cookies for breakfast. Well, I vaguely remember the "monster cereals" that were around when I was a kid as well. Count Chocula was the only one I remember seeing year round. I am pretty sure the other two berry monsters would only come out around Halloween. Either way I do not believe I ever tried them when they were around. Then General Mills went ahead and discontinued them.

Looks like General Mills ran out of new ideas.

The Monster Cereals are back. There is Boo Berry, who is a ghost that has blue cereal that is supposed to be blue berry flavored (I think). There is Franken Berry, who is a frankenstein-inspired-strawberry-flavored rip off. Finally there is the almighty Count Chocula, who is a vampire of chocolate? These names are kind of clever but I gotta say, I feel like an idiot saying them.

The weirdest thing about the cereal is the boxes. The redesigned all of the characters to be really cartoony.  I like the new designs, they are very kid-friendly. Oddly enough though, there is no picture of the actual cereal on the box. For a cereal that is marketed at children, I find it kind of strange they do not even show them the product. I suppose the cartoon characters say it all.

The cereal itself is garbage. It is just three different colors of the same goofy (I think bat shaped) cereal with marshmallows. The differences are in the artificial coloring and flavoring of each. They are all pretty horrible though. The texture feels like Styrofoam, and it honestly taste like it too. There are hints of the "flavors" but they are so bland and weak you probably would not be able to guess in a blind taste test. Hell, I could feed you packing foam and you would not notice the difference.

Boo Berry-2/5 "It's Not Worth It"
Franken Berry- 1/5 "It's Flippin Horrendous"
Count Chocula- 1/5 "It's Flippin Horrendous"

Boo Berry gets a two because it was the least horrible. Regardless I do not recommend getting these. If you want some cereal for the halloween go eat some Reeses Puffs instead. It is candy for breakfast after all.

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