Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Review: Blazin BBQ Burger

Sonic has decent enough burgers. I do not think they are a Sonic staple by any stretch, but they are pretty tasty. Now when I saw they had new “special” burgers I had to give them a shot, just because sonic does a good job with their enhanced burgers (the BBQ Toaster Burger is one of my favorite fast food burgers of all time). I had two options, the Blazin BBQ Burger and the Ring Leader Burger. I normally would of picked the Ring Leader but I decided to go the spicy route and get the Blazin BBQ. The Burger, as described by the sonic website,

It's a heat stroke of genius. A 100% pure beef patty topped with crispy jalapeno strips plus sliced jalapenos, bacon, Pepper Jack cheese, sweet and spicy habanero and hickory BBQ sauces, lettuce, and ripe tomato on a toasty bakery bun. That ought to melt heartstrings.

Was it Blazin? Not too bad. I was kind of worried with so many heat elements they would over power the burger but thankfully that did not happen. The crispy Jalapeno strips added some good crunch without too much heat. The pepperjack cheese was a welcome substitute and did not hurt but I honestly cannot say I would have noticed a huge difference. The sauce was were most of the flavor came from. It has a unique flavor to it that initially I did not like. That changed after a few bites though. It starts off sweet but slowly turns into spicy. Most of the heat comes from the jalapenos that are down on the bottom with the veggies. The veggies are another thing that sonic is good at by the way! They are fresh and crisp! I got it with tater tots, which are always a winner, and a Chocolate Coke (the one reason I LOVE Sonic, if it sounds gross, try it. It is the Best type of coke).

Rating 4/5 –“it’s Just Swell!”

I cannot say I was head over heels for this burger but I definitely enjoyed it. It was a nice twist on Sonic’s burgers, which are typically boring to me. I do want to try the Ring Leader Burger at some point.  This one just sounded more exciting!

If anyone has the other one let me know how it is!

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