Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Review: Fast Five

I am really tired so I am going to make this quick. I saw Fast Five last weekend and thought I would give my thoughts on it. This is the fifth installment of the Fast and Furious series (really? five? they are one behind star wars..) and of course, as a male I had to see it, regardless of how bad it looked. It was not a let down either. It was fun and entertaining. This one is a bit different then the past four. It takes place between the last movie and Tokyo Drift. The story is pretty much Ocean's Eleven but in this world. This installment is much more of a heist movie and much less of a racing movie. All of your old favorites from the past movies, plus a few new ones, are involved as well. It was actually really nice to see a lot of the characters I have liked from the past movies together. The Dialogue between these characters may be dumb and shallow but I really always got a sense that these guys have been friends for years and have real chemistry. 

Dwayne Johnson (the Rock) also graces this movie with his talents. He plays a law enforcement agent out to catch Vin Diesel and his crew. He is not much of an enemy or a threat and holy balls is his dialogue horrible, but he has a few tight scenes and he and Vin Diesel finally have a fight to see who can put there arms down at their sides the farthest. As Spill.com has pointed out, these movies seem to only take actors who had blooming careers suddenly cave (i.e Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, The Rock, Tyrese). Either way the plot of this movie is pretty standard. The action on the other hand is exactly what you want from  these movies. The last scene in the movie is so unrealistic but yet so much fun to watch. 

Rating 3/5 "It's Just Meh"

The movie has nothing special about it but is a solid movie that is fun to watch. If you can sneak it to see it after seeing something else do it, it is not a waste of time. It might just not be worth your $10. 

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