Saturday, May 7, 2011

Review: Which Wich

I do not know why I do not eat subs more often. I always think they sound unappealing when I am deciding what to eat but every time I have one I am more then happy to finish it. I tend to avoid Subway and Quiznos when I can and lean toward Potbelly. I guess I am surprised it has taken me so long to try Which Wich. Especially because they are located less then three minuets from my house. I think it is because someone once told me they are pricey and I am a cheap person. Needless to say I finally got around to trying it.
My Which wich

My first impression was WOAH. There are sooooo many choices that I honestly was overwhelmed. I had to sit there for ten minuets debating between which meat I wanted, what kind of that meat, what veggies, what sauces, ect. The process was exhausting and I wish I spent some time before doing research on what I wanted. They literally have something here for EVERYONE. While it took a while I finally made the choice of a pastrami sandwich on wheat topped with cole slaw and provolone. A simple, classic sandwich. With the quantity of choices I expected the quality to be low, but it was not at all. The pastrami was flavorful and had plenty juiciness. They cole slaw was good but I did not get quite enough of it. They cheese was melted and the bread toasted nicely. I will say I am kind of sad they only had two options of bread but I cannot complain too much because that would have added another five minuets to my decision process.

Rating 4/5 "It's Just Swell"

I will go again if only to try one of the other 182,847,382 combinations. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality as well. It is not the best sub a have ever had by any stretch, but compared to subway and Quiznos it is awesome.

So Which Wich do you get? I want to see some comments and get some ideas!


  1. I found them in San Diego, and I wish they would get a few stores in PA. They blow subway out of the water in my opinion. I've tried the thank you turkey and bbq pork. I wish I had tried the monte-cristo

  2. Yeah for a chain they are great. I have yet to try the Thank You Turkey but I have wanted to for a while