Sunday, August 28, 2011

Review: Jack In The Box Jumbo Breakfast Platter

I love breakfast. It has to be the best meal of the day for me. Every single breakfast food I find delicious. So naturally, I love fast food breakfast as well. One of the big things I look for in a good fast food breakfast is price. I feel like paying anything over $5 is way too much to spend on my morning food (Chick-fil-a is exempt from this rule). When I saw Jack In The Box had a "Jumbo Breakfast Platter" out for only $2.99 I had to check it out. I mean there commercial was not only hilarious (see below) but it made it seem like a lot of food for only $2.99. Was this breakfast platter really that much food?

I can thankfully say yes, yes it was. I have mixed feelings on Jack In The Box and their breakfast. Their standard items are done better elsewhere like BK and their good items are just too expensive. I guess that is why I was kind of surprised by this. I got the Jumbo Breakfast Platter with bacon. It came with eggs, hash brown sticks, bacon, and mini-pancakes.

The eggs were better then I expected. They were fluffy and not overcooked at all. They could of almost actually past as real eggs cooked at home. The hash brown sticks were fried golden brown, but not too greasy. A nice crunch on the outside with the actual potato bits on the inside. The mini-pancakes were what I expected. They were dry and had a spongy texture to them, but not horrible. If you have ever had pre-made pancakes, thats what you get here. The bacon was a HUGE letdown. It was that horrible fast food bacon that is so thin but so greasy all you taste is salt. It was like eating deep fried paper bits. I have had the sausage at Jack In The Box and recommend getting that and not the bacon.

Rating 3/5 "It's Just Meh"

For $2.99 it is actually a great value for anyone who is looking to eat a cheap, big breakfast. If you are looking for quality, go to IHOP. Nothing here blew me away but there were a few nice surprises. If you try this GET SAUSAGE. I regret not getting that and might have given it a 4/5 with that change. Oh well, at least the commercial is funny.

I will be doing a fall beer review next week sometime so get excited!

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