Friday, September 2, 2011

Review: Taco Bell Bacon Ranch Flatbread and Original Flatbread

YES! A new menu item from Taco Bell!! Wait, it is just a redone version of another item? Oh well at least it had BACON!!! Wait, it is just "bacon flavored" ranch? Well it is still only 99 cents!! Oh, it is the as filling as a piece of toast? WHAT THE F*$& TACO BELL!?

Just when I thought they were ready to break out of there mold, Taco Bell drops this crap on us. Even my girlfriend (who hates Taco Bell) commented on how Taco Bell seems to be getting desperate with their new stuff. Taco Bell, I understand you want to create new items that are "Value" but I am so sick of this crap that you have been shoveling us that I would prefer you make, or at least bring back something halfway good (Bacon Ranch Chalupa anyone?) that cost a bit more then this garbage. Anyways on to the review.

The Original Chicken Flatbread

There is not much to these things so the review will be short. The flatbread it self is good, its just the gordita shells. It is almost like a pita but a bit softer and fluffier. When warm and smothered in cheese it is very tasty. The Flatbread is stuffed with cheese, a few bits of chicken (and I mean a FEW), and chipotle sauce. Now these things are tiny. They barely even justify the 99 cents they cost. That being said, I love the chipotle sauce and they taste really good. I just wish they were bigger. For only a buck though, they make a nice little side to whatever one normally gets at Taco Bell. Think of it as a little bonus.

3/5 "It's Just Meh"

The Bacon Ranch Flatbread

Those bastards at Taco Bell need to watch their backs cause I am pissed about this one. Why in God's name would you put bacon in somethings name when it has no actual bacon?! WTF is that?! This one is literally the same as the other one but replace chipotle sauce with "bacon" ranch. Who makes ranch flavored like bacon?! Ug this one hurt me. It just pissed me off. They put bacon on the bacon ranch Gordita! Why not on this? Freaking cheap ass Taco Bell.

2/5 "It's Not Worth It"

Yes I realize they are the same price and almost the same thing but the Bacon Ranch looses a point for being a lying SOB. Taco Bell, you are loosing me, and I mean it. This is getting old. If you raise your prices again within the next year I am done. My wallet can only take so much abuse for your shitty food and your new stuff is not cutting the mustard.

Tune in soon, I will have a review on the two new Sonic hotdogs. One is surprisingly awesome, and one is a huge letdown! Can you guess which is which?!

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