Sunday, September 4, 2011

Review: Sonic Bacon And Blue Dog and Kickin' Coney

Who would of thought someone would go and have six different hot dogs at a fast food place! I mean it is not like it is easy to easy to eat a hot dog while driving, especially one loaded to the brim with toppings. Sonic seems to ignore this conventional wisdom and decided to release two limited edition hotdogs! Each of these hotdogs are unique concepts so I definitely give Sonic some credit for that. How were they?

Bacon and Blue Dog

This was the surprising winner of the two. Keep in mind I am not a huge fan of hotdogs anyway but I found this one surpassingly good. The poppyseed bun was soft and warm. The hotdog it self was cooked well enough. They have a nice firmness to them that gives them a nice firm bite. The toppings were good as well. The tomatoes and lettuce were fresh. The bacon was not great, but for fast food bacon it was not so bad. The Blue Cheese Dressing tasted more like mayo and would have helped to have a thinner consistency but overall it did not take away from the hotdog. Overall it tasted fresh and fulfilling. 

Rating: 4/5 "It's Just Swell"

The Kickin' Coney

I would not call this a disappointment, but it definitely was not a winner either. It is simply just the chili cheese dog with crispy onion strings and a chipotle BBQ sauce. The onion strings provide a nice texture change but there are not enough of them and they are a bit too soggy. The Chipotle BBQ was a nice little flavor spin but really did not work with this. It ended up being too much. It was a good and clever idea for Sonic but it did not work for me. I can see some people enjoying it though.

Rating: 3/5 "It's Just Meh"

I always appreciate a good effort by fast food chains to mix it up and Sonic definitely does that here. If you liked their other hot dogs check these out while they are around.

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