Saturday, February 5, 2011

Quick-view: The King's Speech and Jack Combo at Jack in the Box

A nice treat for everyone today! I have two quick-views, one movie and one food. The first I will start off with is the critically acclaimed "The King's Speech".

What I saw: The Kings Speech

Wow, what a year in films. Who would of thought the two  top nominations for best picture would be two films that are almost purely character driven and show phenomenal acting skills on both parties. I am of course talking about The Social Network and The King's Speech. I love both but will be giving a quick-view of the second. The movie is  about a soon to be king(Firth) with a serious speech impediment and the relationship he builds with his speech therapist (Rush) battling the problem. I know, first thought is it sounds boring, but that is so far from the truth. Yes it has almost no action in it, but holy mother of pearl there are some great performances. If you like great acting or a solid script at all go see this movie. Firth plays the role he was meant for (british royalty) and nails the frustration and awkwardness of not being able to speak publicly. Rush has just the right amount of quirk to be realistic but surprising and fun. My only complaint of the film is it runs a tad long but it is a small gripe that anyone who likes good acting will be able to overlook. This film is not for anyone looking for an action or romcom movie, but for someone who wants to see what all the awards buzz is about, it is worth a peek.

Rating 5/5 Stars - "It's The Bee's Knees"

*Now as far as awards go, I want to be clear. I loved this movie but I DO NOT think it deserves best picture. There have been several films that, as a whole, are better. Personally I think The Social Network should win but what do I know! That being said, If Firth or Rush do not win something for the acting I am going to punch my TV.

What I got- Jack in the Box - Big Deal Combo Meal 

First, I apologize for the crappy picture. Second, yes that is a lot of food. Know what I paid for all that? $3.99. Sweet deal eh? That makes all of those things about a buck each, which is a pretty good deal. Was it any good? Not so much....... I know it is Jack In The Box so I should have known it was going to be bad but I had to hope right? I was walking home at 12:30 AM and was hungry so I hit up the local Box. The fries were typical curly fries, meh. The tacos were greasy and not very tasty. The lettuce was literally smothered with grease as was the outer shell. What do I expect for a 47 cent taco. The burger was just gross. I almost just did not eat it, and that was the first thing I started. It is your typical jumbo jack, with burger, lettuce, mayo, ketchup, tomatoes, onions. What I do not like about it though is the meat is tasteless and soggy, the bun is big but just taste cheap and seems filler. The veggies were fresh on the burger, which was nice, but did not really help. The only plus side to this is it is a cheap, filling meal, but unfortunately other places do it better (A La Taco Bell and Wendy's). Unless you love all of these items, do not even bother.

1/5 Stars - "It's Flippen Horrendous!"

Anyways everyone enjoy some good eating tomorrow for the game! Ill be posting what I will be having!

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