Sunday, February 13, 2011

Review: Fort Worth's Own Dutch's Burgers

Time to start what will be the first of many reviews for one of my favorite places to eat in Fort Worth, Dutch's Burgers. Dutch's is literally next to my college campus so it is well known among TCU folks and most people in Fort Worth. I was recommended this place my a student 4 years ago when I was looking at TCU and have been a fan ever sense! It is your typical college town burger joint. It is small and has a very homey feel to it. It is run very well and everyone who works there is very friendly and willing to do what they can to make their guests happy. It is popular for families during the weekends and always full of students during the weeknights. I personally have been going almost every Tuesday for two years now for half price burger night. This place is famous for their burgers and has received several accolades for them. they have six or so different varieties of burgers on the menu and I do plan on reviewing them all. Ironically enough, the first review I will be doing will not be for a burger, but a chicken sandwich.

What I got: The Spicy Chicken Strip Basket (I asked them to make it a sandwich, which they apparently are asked to do often because when I asked it seemed like not big deal).

So why did I get a chicken sandwich at a burger joint you ask? One, It was not half price burgers, so this was cheaper. Two, I love their spicy chicken. The sandwich is just three breaded chicken strips covered in Dutches spicy sauce with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and blue cheese dressing on one of dutches special buns. It quickly becoming one of my favorite things at this place. The chicken strips are big and tender. They are heavily breaded as well but with just the right amount of crunch. 

The sauce they use is one of the best hot sauces I have ever had on chicken. It taste like a mix of honey, sriracha, and buffalo sauce. It has a very unique flavor. It is sweet at first but then kicks in late with the heat. Perfect with breaded chicken. On a Sandwich it is fantastic. Dutches does a great job on putting lots of veggies on their burgers as well Which I really like, especially because they have good veggies. The tomatoes are juicy, the lettuce is green and crisp, and the onions taste fresh. Dutches also has some of the best buns I have ever had on a sandwich. They remind me of the Hawaiian sweet roles, but they are not quite that sweet. The buns are dense though, and very filling, so if you are looking for low carb I recommend looking elsewhere. 

The basket comes with fries, although you can sub out for onion rings or tator tots. The fries are fresh cut and thick. They are crispy around the edges but still a little limp. It works well for their fries though because they are so thick, if they were crispy they would be too greasy. They season them with a sea salt and black pepper mix which adds some great flavor to them. They give you plenty as well so you rarely can eat them all. 

Rating 5/5 Stars- "It's The Bee's Knee's"

Dutch's has become one of my favorite restaurants in Fort Worth and a place I miss when I am gone from here for too long. The food is great, the people are awesome, and the atmosphere is relaxed. If you are ever in Fort Worth, give this place a shot. You will not regret it. If it is on a Tuesday there is a good chance I will be there too. I will have more reviews of the other burgers coming soon!

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