Thursday, February 24, 2011

Reviews(Music): The Devil Wears Prada and Queens Club

icAlright everyone I have two music reviews for today! I will make them all pretty short, the CDs are just EPs so they will not take too long. Anyways sorry it has taken so long to get some non-food reviews up. First up.....

The Devil Wears Prada- Zombies EP

So I have listened to The Devil Wears Prada (TDWP) for a while, although I still don't know how I feel about them. They definitely have some talent and have been able to make some catchy metalcore/screamo songs. Unfortunately they have yet to really make a whole album that grabs me. They decided to have a little fun between their records and release a concept EP called Zombies. Can you guess what it is about?! That is right, it's about zombies! When I heard the idea I thought "a metal band doing a zombie concept album? Tight!". Problem is, I feel like it could of been a lot more than what it is.

 I'll start with the bad. The lyrics are boring and generic. They had an opportunity to tell a cool story or show some sort of emotion but the lyrics are like their subject matter, lifeless. Good thing you can not really understand what the heck the singer is shouting anyway! If you are going to write lyrics with zombies do something like Showbread and their song "George Romero Will Be At Our Wedding".

This record does have its positives though. The music itself is raw and hard. This is a different TDWP, and they show it from the get go. It is much more metal, much less screamo then their past albums. The vocals are much more of a growl than the shout they used to be. There is also less whining (what they consider clean vocals) then in past albums. The guitars are good, nothing special. The drums are fantastic , fast a chaotic yet precise. The album has a very creepy atmosphere thanks to some great sound effects such as gun shots, radio PSAs, and even heavy breathing of someone running away. Also I am a sucker for good cover art and theirs is pretty badass. Very eerie and dead looking.

Overall I like the direction these guys are headed and am excited to see where they take it, especially applied with good lyrics. This EP is a fun little distraction in the meantime but is overall forgettable.

Rating- 3/5 "It's Just Meh"

Queens Club- Friendly EP

I have one big problem with Queens Club. They seem to be lost finding their sound. Right now they seem to be a mix between pop/punk and Indie, but they do not mix them very well. The first three tracks on this EP are upbeat musically, with good rhythm and tempo. The last two are acoustic versions of two of my favorite tracks from their last album. The guitars and drums are solid. Very upbeat, fast paced, and quirky. They seem to be very sporadic in the direction but always keeping things moving. The bass is awesome, very noticeable and almost steals the show with some good grooves. The vocals are what kill me. They just sound like the vocalist is falling asleep or just woke up. There is no oomph. Very dull and does not match their overall sound. The vocals are those of an Indie band while the instruments are more along the lines of a band like Jonzetta. The acoustic songs are solid. They do something most bands avoid when doing acoustic covers and that is change the structure of the song. I really enjoy it and they are solid renditions.

Until Queens Club finds their sound, I just can not get into them. They have a few bright moments here and there but overall they are just do not offer anything that separates them from every other quirky new band. I cannot complain about the album too much though because it is free on there facebook. Check it out if you like free music and need some new tunes, otherwise I cannot really recommend it.

2/5- "It's Not Worth It"

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