Saturday, February 19, 2011

Restaurant Review: Sushi Axiom (Hulen & I-30 Location)

Sushi is one of those types of foods where it is not always a great idea to be adventurous. Once you find a good Sushi place, you tend not to branch out too much from it. I have really yet to find a sushi place in Fort Worth in the three years I have been here. This is because a mix of sushi being out of my college-student sized budget and fear. Finally I had a solid recommendation from my girlfriend to try a sushi restaurant called Sushi Axiom. We took a trip there together recently and I was pretty impressed.

We visited the original Sushi Axiom on Hulen, which is in a strange location. It is located in a little strip shopping center next to a tanning salon, not the place I expected after reading up on their "fusion cuisine". Inside on the other hand, the decor was very modern and serene. The restraint itself was small, but did not feel cramped. We were sat immediately and waited on promptly. This is more likely due to the fact it was 4:30 in the afternoon and we were one of six tables but good service is good service. I would be curious to see what it is like there when it is busy.

The Double Happiness Roll

On to the food! I got something called the Double Happiness Roll (DHR), which is according to the website "spicy tuna, tobiko roll with tempura crab, cream cheese and avocado". My other half got the Pacific Roll (PR), which is "shrimp, crab, and cucumber wrapped by seared tuna, avocado, & ponzu sauce". They were both fantastic.  Now I am no sushi expert so I will explain these the best I can. The DHR was awesome. It had a smoky flavor which I think came from smoked sesame seeds, while also having a bit of heat to it, which is from the spicy tuna I assume. the outside was tempura fried, but only slightly, so it was crunchy but not breaded heavily. The only complaint is the cream cheese came out a bit too strong while the avocado was not even noticeable. The PR had strong fish flavor, but in a good sense. The seared tuna wrapped around the outside was melt-in-your-mouth good and had a nice taste to it. It went down silky smooth when paired with avocado. The middle was more of a subdued flavor in which the cucumber came through well.
The Pacific Roll

Overall it was a good sushi experience. The food, service, and atmosphere was wonderful. My only complaint is the price, which was not too bad but a bit steep. At the same time I would rather pay a bit more and be assured quality fish than get cheap sushi with bad fish so I can not complain too much. I definitely plan on going again and trying some new things! Thank goodness I finally found a sushi place I like, I was getting tired of Kroger Sushi.

Rating 4/5 "It's Just Swell"

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