Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Movie Review: Limitless

Ever have one of those days you just feel slow? One of those days were you are in a fog all day and can barely function? Well Bradley Cooper doesn't. Not anymore at least. In his latest movie, Limitless, Bradley Cooper actually thinks his way to becoming a very influental man, all while taking the audience on a very interesting ride.

The plot of the movie revolves around a guy who is stuggling in life. He can not be motivated to start his book (he's a writer), his girlfriend just broke up with him, and he is slowly becoming an alcoholic. Then he runs into his sketch x-brother-in-law, who used to be a drug dealer. Now he flaunts a suit and claims to deal drugs of the prescription kind. He gives Cooper's character a drug that allows him to access everything his brain has to offer. I am talking about things like miniscule memories from the 3rd grade. It also allows him to think very quick and absorb information with great detail. With this drug in hand, trouble naturally begins.

I will start out with what I liked. The film is an action/thriller, which suprised me. From the trailers I thought it was going to be boring but it is far from it. There are lots of great action sequences that get the audience sitting up in their seat like Taken does. The special effects are also spectacular. The visuals that go along with the sequences when Cooper feels the drug. They really help the audience visualise what being on it might be like. There is some crafty camera work that keeps up with the action without making the audience disoriented. The script is hit and miss. Sometimes things just come off as a load of BS but other times things legitimately cause you to pause and think. Cooper himself is fantastic, being the biggest saving grace of the movie. He is full of swag and busts out one-liners and witty comments with believability. Whether Coopers character is at his highest or lowest, he has an appeal that makes you want to get to know him. Not to mention those big blue eyes!

I do have some problems with the film however. Like I said before, the script has some problems in it. While it is a popcorn action movie, it is trying to be a smart sophisticated action movie, so it gets docked for the plot problems. I also did not really like any of the villains. There is a loan shark who never really feels like a huge threat, along with some random bad guys who suffer from no character development. Robert De Niro's character also never really brings anything to the table. While he is rich and seems menacing, all he really seems to control is money. The biggest threat to Coopers character is really himself, which is okay with me but there is no reason to have so many villains who do not add anything. There is also a love interest who has one interesting scene, but then fades away. The ending of the movie just left me confused at what the movie was trying to accomplish as well. It ends in kind of a moral grey area.

Rating 3/5 -"It's Meh"

It is entertaining and not a bad movie by any stretch, but it doesn't really do anything for me either. It was nice to see Bradley Cooper in a staring role, the guy definitely has the talent for it. If you are looking for a movie to go with friends and or a date movie thats not a chick flick, I would recommend checking it out for a matinee or at a discounted price. Otherwise just wait tell it comes out on Netflix.

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