Thursday, March 3, 2011

Review: Dutch's Chili Cheese Burger

Dutch's Burgers review number two! Except this time I actually got a burger. I have never actually gotten this burger but I decided to stray out of my normal routine and give a new burger a try. What do I think?

What I got: Dutch's Chili Cheese Burger

I have never really understood chili cheese burgers. I mean why would I top a beef burger with more ground beef? That is not to say I do not like them but I just would rather have a chili cheese hotdog i think. Anyways what did I think of THIS burger? Well I will start with explaining what it is. The burger is a 1/2 pound burger with chili, onions, cheddar cheese, and a jalapeno relish. The burger patty was great and thick. They typically prepare them medium-well, but thanks to the quality of the beef used they are not dried out at all. The meat is spiced just enough to enhance the meat but not overpower it. The cheddar cheese is melted and seems to be everywhere, which is AWESOME!

Now the chili I was kind of disappointed with. It just does not have any special flavor to it. Very bland but plenty hearty. If I want to put more meat on my burger I want it to be more flavorful than the burger, not less. The Jalapeno Relish was also pretty weak. It was just pickle relish with some jalapeno mixed in. I got a mix of fries and onion rings on the side, both of which are awesome. I have already described the fries here, so I will take a moment for the onion rings. These are NOT onion strings. These are a Man's onion ring. The breading is think, almost too think if you are not expecting it. The batter as huge chunks of black pepper that you can see. With onion rings this big, they fill you up fast too so I do not recommend eating them before your burger. They are great if you like onion rings, not strings.

Rating- 2/5 "It's Not Worth It"

I cannot say I will adventure out to this burger again. The burger is special for it's chili and jalapeno relish, both of which are disappointing. I cannot really recommend this burger when there are so many better options there.

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