Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Quickview: Seira Mist Natural and Tastycakes

So I meant to do a review today on Dutch's, a local burger joint here in Fort Worth, but I forgot to take pictures! So here is what you guys get, two reviews of crap.

First up, Sierra Mist Natural!
So again, I am a huge soda junkie. In the war of Coke vs. Pepsi, I have to say I am currently leaning toward Pepsi. Granted it changes pretty often but I would say I like Pepsi products more in general. The one soda Pepsi fails miserably at is the lemon-lime soda. Sprite has been and will continue to be far superior to Sierra Mist. Pepsi recently updated Sierra Mist and added "Natural" to it mentioning there are no artificial ingredients. What this means? Who cares, it still sucks. Sprite has this crisp, refreshing bite to it that makes it so good on a hot summer day. Sierra Mist tries to mask that bite with insane amounts of carbonation, unfortunately that passes after about five minuets. What you get is the same crappy, flat, overly sugary flavored water that you wish you didn't waste that many calories on. It gives me that same nasty sugar-mucus the throwback mountain dew does. Either way I am not a fan of this stuff, Sprite is so much better. 

Rating: 1 Star- "It's Flippin Horrendous!"

Nice try Pepsi, but you fail.

Next up, Tastykakes!!

Now I am from Texas, and quite honestly Tastykakes in Texas are about as rare as snowmen. I got these because my aunt sent my father a box of them for Christmas. Tastykakes are pretty much a type of bakes snack like Hostess. Only better. I have had the pleasure of eating these things for the past month and I am still not sick of them. I have had five different varieties and I have liked them all. There are two things that really separate Tastykakes from Hostess or Little Debby. first is the cakes themselves. They are soft and moist, actually tasting like something baked in the last year. this is a nice contrast from Twinkies and such because those always taste so spongy and fake, whereas these feel fantastic.
The second thing is the icing. Now this stuff reminds me of fondant you find on cakes. It is thick and dense, not very fluffy. It is also sweet, but not overly sugary, which is nice and rare for icing on these sorts of things. Anyways my favorite flavor had to be Butterscotch, just because that is a such an underused flavor anymore and is so good. Especially on baked goods. I am going to just give these things a general ranking though, if you want to know the best kind, let me know.

5 Stars "It's the Bee's Knees"

these are the best baked good snacks out there. If you are somewhere were you cant get them, try em if you get the chance.

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