Saturday, January 22, 2011

Whataburger Steak Sauce Double

Being born and raised in Texas, I grew up with Whataburger. I have been to the first one a few times and have always been a pretty good fun. As a kid it was the fast food even my parents didn't mind. As a college student, it is one of three fast food places open 24 hours so as you can imagine, it is pretty popular (nothing is better then a Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit at 3 AM). Whataburger comes out with specials pretty frequently, not Taco Bell frequent but pretty close. They tend to stick to the same ones too, maybe trying a new one once a year. Today I tried the current one.

What a got: A Whataburger Steak Sauce Double Combo

How was it you ask? It was...... pretty good. There are a few things to point out about Whataburger first off. It is greasy and big. This place takes the "everything is bigger in Texas" quite serious. There burgers are not tiny, and neither are the drinks and fries. Whataburger has to have some of the tastiest plain burgers out there. They are always juicy, and unlike a McDonalds patty were it just taste like bland beef, it actually has some seasoning to it. The slice of cheese was plenty, if there was two peices it probably would have been too thick. The bacon was dissapointingly soggy. This place has always been hit or miss on bacon, it either is crunchy and perfect or soft and nasty. On the plus though, they are good size bacon strips which is nice to find at a fast food place, as opposed to the bacon paper at other places. 

The thing that really seperates this from a normal burger is the sauce and grilled onions though. I love me some grilled onions and Whataburger knows how to do em. They are browned just right, not grilled to slop, but not too crunchy either. I know in the past they used to just use A1, but they don't show the A1 bottle in the ads anymore so they might have changed. Doesn't really matter cause it tastes the same and it gives the burger a nice twang to it that normal BBQ sauce doesnt do. 

There are a few things that upset me though. The first is price, This thing cost almost two dollars more than a normal and i don't get half the stuff on it. Granted grilled onions are probably not cheap to make for fast food and Whataburger has always been about quality, not price. They might be one of the only fast food places left without a real value menu. another peeve is the fries at Whataburger always upset me. They are good when you find a crispy one but most of the time they are soggy. I don't know if they need to change the oil used or leave them in longer but this has always bugged me. 

Rating: 3/5 "It's Meh"

All in all I think it is worth trying. I just dont see why they cannot make this a permanint item and just have grilled onions and A1 on the menu all the time. The burger specials at this place never seem to have anything extra exciting. I still wish they would just have the honey BBQ chicken strip sandwich all year, that thing is the best..... yummmmm..

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