Friday, January 14, 2011

Taco Bell Beefy Crunch Burrito

So this is remarkably my first Taco Bell post, but certainly not my last. You will all soon learn I have a huge love for the Bell and eat it way tooooo often. I do not really know why I like it so much because it is all sooo bad and horrible for me but I don't care, it is my biggest food flaw. I do understand it all really sucks and everything there is pretty much the same thing in a different package but damn I love it all.

So what I got is the 99 cent Beefy Crunch Burrito. It is A burrito filled with beef, nacho cheese, rice, sour cream, and something you will not find in any other Taco Bell item yet, the Flaming Hot Frito's. Your typical taco bell fair for 99 cents but still a pretty full burrito.

Okay So the biggest thing about this is obviously the Frito's, which do give the burrito a great crunch. Unfortunately they are not that hot so the burrito itself is kind of bland. If they sprayed some volcano sauce on this or something is would have been better, but then it would just be a volcano burrito so no point. The Frito's are all that really makes this thing special. I have gotten this thing a few times and if you do not get enough Frito's it kind of sucks. Thankfully my local Taco Bell loads up on them and I am getting my Frito fix.

Rating 3/5- "It's Meh"

So all in all I suppose this is an alright item for only 99 cents. I love the stuff thats has crunch at taco bell so I like it ,but it is just too bland. If they raise the price, which I am sure they will if this does well, I don't really see myself buying this again. As far as a value burrito though, it is a good addition. Give it a shot while it's still cheap.

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