Saturday, January 29, 2011

Review: Taco Bell Quad Steak Burrito

So here is another Taco Bell review. Anyone who looks at this blog often will see Taco Bell Reviews most.
So I find it kind of ironic this came out the same week as all this controversy regarding Taco Bell's meat quality. I do not think this has anything to do with that being as one, the problem is with their ground meat, and two, this came out way to fast. Anyways a quick description of what a quad steak burrito is. As described by the Taco Bell website, it is "Four portions* of Taco Bell’s new thick and tender steak, all wrapped in a warm flour tortilla filled with seasoned rice, fire-roasted salsa, reduced-fat sour cream and cheddar cheese." So at first I thought this thing just sounded boring. It sounded like another typical Taco Bell item, just filled with more meat to help push Taco Bell's new steak. 

Now it definitely succeeded on the steak front. There is lots of steak in this thing. I do not think I got all four portions in mine personally, I would guess I got three, but still thats a lot of steak. Another thing this burrito has going for it is size. It is big, not huge, but definitely filling. I got just the burrito and I was pretty full, which is rare for me to do with one item from Taco Bell. Another thing that really kicked the burrito up is the fire roasted salsa. I was impressed with how much flavor a little bit of that stuff gets. I really liked it when I put it on things when it came out as a new sauce and it does a good job here adding flavor. 

Now I do have some gripes. First thing is I feel like, as I said, I got screwed on my steak. the burrito had way too much rice. This is probably just because my Taco Bell is very inconsistent with items, so I cannot say this is the case with everyone. The new steak is also disappointing, I didn't really see much of a difference. It just seems to be cut into bigger pieces. It still has that nasty clear goo covering it which freaks me out. My biggest complaint by far is price though. This thing is expensive. I am talking like five dollars expensive. The item is so expensive the combo only comes with the burrito and a drink! I am a cheap guy though so that might not upset everyone like it did me. I am just used to cheap Taco Bell goods. 

Rating- 3/5 "It's Meh"

Overall its worth trying, especially if you like Taco Bell steak. From there you can be the judge, but I am not a very big fan of this thing. Once again Taco bell provided a weak new item. 

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